Don’t pay US tax - how to get an ITIN

If you’re having a book published in America but you're not a US citizen, you’ll be upset to learn that your publisher will withhold a thumping great 30% of your money in tax. Odious as this practice is, don’t start burning the Stars & Stripes just yet. You CAN get your money back AND prevent them taking any more off you.

What you need is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number from the US Internal Revenue Service. You’ll find articles online about how hideously difficult it is to get one of these. It isn’t difficult at all – so long as you go about it correctly, know how to fill in the form, and have the right documentation. There are some how-to articles online, but the IRS changes its forms and its requirements from time to time, and you’ll need the most up-to-date information.

Here’s how to do the whole thing without breaking sweat.

(This is based on a UK citizen applying from the UK. If that doesn’t apply to you, you’ll need to find another source of advice.)

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