What should a writer write?


… apart from what’s right?

In my case it started with academia, where I wrote academic stuff for academic journals; then I began writing novels, which was much more fun, and paid the bills too.

Ten years on, I crossed over to the spectral dimension and began ghosting. This radical change of career was based on having watched a movie, which goes to show how little sense of maturity and responsibility writers tend to have. It’s been a thrilling ride so far – opening up vistas I never expected, and leading into a parallel career as a biographer. Amazing historical biographies, true-life war stories and adventures as gripping as anything in any of my novels.

You can read more about my books here; there’s a page for my non-fiction and another for my fiction.

My latest books are Dr James Barry: A Woman Ahead of Her Time and (work in progress) The Stone Crusher: The True Story of the Kleinmann Family’s Fight for Survival in the Holocaust.


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